Crazy For Christmas LA M&G 1



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Hey... So I don't know if the website or the twitter is gonna be taken down or not so I wanted to get this out now. I love you both so much and support this decision you have made. I know that there will forever be support behind both of you guys and I am so proud of you guys. I am excited to see all the new content that each of you will have and I will always support y'all. Hopefully there can be a reunion tour. Dang, I am already talking about the reunion. I will miss all the good time that y'all had. It always felt like I was there with you guys and it made me smile so much. I remember every time you guys would drop new music. I would just scream and then get really silent so I could hear the words and the melody and just start vibing. I am so glad and thankful that God brought you guys together and that I was able to meet both of you. I met you guys at Crazy For Christmas LA. It was crazy lit and I appreciate how nice you guys were to me even though I was freaking out on the inside. So to the both of you thank you. Thank you for allowing me to met you guys even if it was once. Thank you for being the voice of all the kids in Cali and for giving all of the aspiring musicians that you can get far if you chase dreams. I will always love you boys and you will both have a place in my heart no matter what you do. I know that I am just dragging this message along but its just hitting me now that it is not the end but that its just the beginning of this new experience. Love you guys so much. With all of my heart and the one thing I wont forget is to be patient and chase my dreams.

 Much Love 

~ Harlem

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